Monday, 9 November 2009

Visiting the Village


A couple of weeks ago we visited this village and taught English with the locals. Most of them were eager to learn although they're not as young as before, from 30-50 years old. It's fun teaching them and it's a kind of fulfillment inside. We enjoyed and had a lot of fun. After eating our lunch with them, they brought and showed us to a place where they could get fish to earn a living. Most of them took part in helping their leaders in the village. You can see them in the way they perform. Young and old enjoyed and learned.


  1. hello fish nalang ako...masarap yan isabaw...

  2. wow ang haba ng jetty, at oo mukang enjoy na enjoy ng mga pupils mo... good thing na nakakatravel ka through your profession

  3. thanks po sa dalaw...glad to be here!

  4. Naku gandang work naman yan nakaka-inspire lalo na makita mo mga smiles nila talagang sincere yung mga thank you's nila diba? By the way, ang isda sarap sa sabaw lol!
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