Sunday, 29 November 2009

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday once again. It's time to share your scenic photos and visit others as well. You can see many places around the world by just joining this meme. Come now and enjoy. More Scenic Sunday photos here.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Avocado fruit

Avocado? I guess, you know this kind of fruit. A fruit that has many varieties, tastes, sizes and prices as well. It has also a healing touch from the tree to it's fruit. My father planted a lot in our place in the Phil. It's very delicious and tasty. We could even take the skin and ate the flesh so easily. We really love to eat this kind of fruit.

When I came to Thailand, I was looking for this fruit. I could hardly find any and I wonder why? Then came the month of December, I saw avocado in the grocery store. I was so excited to buy, when my hubby asked, we were shocked of the price, because we were used to buy at a cheaper price in the Phil. We can buy per kilo but here one piece costs 3$??? For us, it's very expensive. When I knew the price I didn't buy anyway, hehe! I forced myself not to buy. After few weeks I saw it again but it's already 50% less. So I decided to buy although it's still a bit expensive for me.

Here in Thailand, avocado is known as Rich Emulsion for skin care, make up, cleansing and many others. They call it Skin Food Beauty for ladies and women of course. Avocado has many benefits to our body such as:

1. Traditionally, it helps people with sexual problems.

2. It has antioxidant and can be used for skin disorders

3. It will aid healing for people suffering from digestive and circulatory problems

4. If there are skin problems avocado can be applied to rashes and rough skin to make it smoother and softer.

5. The fruit has beta-carotene that helps prevent cancer. The more brighter the fruit, the more beta-carotene it gives.

I remember when I was still small, my grandma will put some of the flesh of avocado to our face and other parts of our body. I didn't understand before but now I understand the benefits of it.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday is always an awaited meme.
Water is life,
therefore we need water all the time to keep going.

More Watery Wednesday here. Try to check and join us. You will have fun visitng other posts. Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Fruits! Fruits! Healthy Fruits!

Fruits are very cheap in Thailand. We have learned to eat a lot because we can buy anywhere especially during night time. Most of the planters sell their own produced fruits. There is no middle man here unlike in the Phil., fruits are quite expensive because from the planters to the middle man and  from the middle man to the seller and from the seller to the buyers. It goes a long, long way to reach the buyer so to say. That's why fruits are expensive there in the Phil. although our fruits are delicious too but many could not avail nor eat a  lot of fruits because of this way of selling.

Fruits are good source of vitamins and minerals that our body need everyday. It gives us strength and  energy. It also helps ease pimples and treats other skin problems. It was already tested and proven by many. I, for one could attest to it. I love to eat to eat fruits and vegetables, so I look young, I guess, huh! I also encouraged and sometimes forced my kiddos to eat some for a healthy and strong body. They really love to it mangoes, bananas, apples, oranges, chicos, grapes and the like. But I still need to force them to eat some vegies, although they ate some but still need to be encouraged. I guess, that's one of our rules as parents - to lead them and to guide them the right choice of food, for a better health and a healthy body as well.

Here are some of the common fruits here in Thailand. I share some of the photos again next time.

Watery Wednesday

I couldn't find Watery Wednesday link. However, I'm still up to it and I wanted to post. Water is life although many experienced turmoils because of so much water. But without it we can't live longer right? We can still survive without food but we cannot survive without water. So today I'm posting my Watery Wednesday post. I like this photo and I want to share it to all of you. A blessed day!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday

This is my post for this week's meme.
Scenic Sunday is always an awaited meme for most of the bloggers I guess.
We can view many scenes around the world by just joining every Sunday.
When we were in Bangkok last summer, we went to this place.
We saw a lot of enjoyable things for kids and we enjoyed too
in some rides. It was known as Suan Siam Park. It's fun.

More scenic views with Scenic Sunday.
Come and join the fun and tour around the world.

Swine Flu Victims

Today I have rea in a yahoo news about swine flu a fatal disease. Here's the news:

Estimates of deaths caused by the swine flu have grown to nearly 4,000 since April, roughly quadrupling previous estimates. But that doesn't mean swine flu suddenly has worsened.

Instead, the federal numbers made public Thursday reflect a long-awaited better attempt to quantify the new flu's true toll. Most cases still don't require a doctor's care.

Swine flu has sickened about 22 million Americans since April and killed about 540 children.

And it's still early in the season. According to Dr. Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "I am expecting all of these numbers, unfortunately, to continue to rise. She continued, "We have a long flu season ahead of us. There was a tight supplies of vaccine to combat the illness, she said.  Not quite 42 million doses are currently available, a few million less than CDC had predicted last week.

Some 98,000 people have been hospitalized from this new flu or its complications, including 36,000 children, 53,000 adults younger than 65 and 9,000 older adults.

• Deaths could range from a low of 2,500 to as many as 6,100, depending on how the data's analyzed. CDC settled on 3,900 as the best estimate.

• Some 8 million children have become ill, 12 million adults younger than 65 and 2 million older adults. But according to other speculators, this vaccine was not proven to have studied long enough to justify other sickness. We are not sure of the effect in the future. Parents are just concerned today because swine has affected and killed many especially the children.

I'm still assured that God is still in control of everything. I could still trust Him of our future, come what may. He knows our future because He holds our future!

A Day to Celebrate

Today, we went to a village and taught English with the children. The village is near the sea and everytime there is heavy rain, this village will be flooded. The people survive by way of fishing. But these people are hard-working, they earn a living in different ways. If they don't catch fish they look for another source just to survive. They were friendly people too. We passed by to eat our lunch and we met and make friends with them. They like AJ because they said, 'uwan mak' which means chubby or fat. They love children. They cooked different kinds of food. A bit spicy but delicious. Hmmm... we really love it. We're so full when we traveled back home. We traveled for 2 hours. When we reach home we're still full. Can you imagine the spicy, delicious and yummy food we ate, we really ate to the max, lol!

The children in the village also enjoyed. After teaching, we sang a birthday song for 2 celebrators. One child celebrated her birthday last week and the other, who is her younger sister celebrated her 1st birthday today. It's a double celebration and we sang the birthday song twice and they enjoyed eating the cake with the cold cola. We also gave some notebooks, pencils, erasers and other things needed for school. They were all happy and excited to learn English.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Watery Wednesday

Watery Wednesday is here again. I was late in posting because my other blog My Memories and Crystals won in a contest yesterday and I need to visit the sponsors and thank them for their generosity.

Anyway, glad to be a part of this meme. You can visit Watery Wednesday for more posts. You can see waters everywhere around the world.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Visiting the Village


A couple of weeks ago we visited this village and taught English with the locals. Most of them were eager to learn although they're not as young as before, from 30-50 years old. It's fun teaching them and it's a kind of fulfillment inside. We enjoyed and had a lot of fun. After eating our lunch with them, they brought and showed us to a place where they could get fish to earn a living. Most of them took part in helping their leaders in the village. You can see them in the way they perform. Young and old enjoyed and learned.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday


Yesterday, after church service, I took a picture of the flower. Yellow is always exposed and  was reminded of Mellow Yellow Monday meme. It's nice to be a part of this meme. Its fun sharing what you have to others and visit some sites too.

Mellow Yellow Monday is up again. Please join us and share your pretty photos with us.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The Beach

We went to this place a couple of weeks ago and we saw the beauty of this beach. We met few people coming to this place. I guess, the beach is still not known to many.

Word-Filled Wednesday

Psalm 113:3

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets
The name of the Lord is to be praised

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Watery Wednesday

Wanna join Watery Wednesday?
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The beach near our place.
It's cool, peaceful and not many people are coming
but we love it because of the scenic view.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My Skillful Friend

A friend of mine has a gift in painting. Can you imagine? The time I look at it, I thought it's real. I never thought that it's a painting skill, but it is. My friend is a Filipino and he loves painting. He even joined in some national contests. I guess, you like it too. My friend and I were studying together in a university and we joined in a singing group. It is known as GLEE CLUB in the campus. We were scholars because of this singing group. We didn't pay anything but we need to practice three times a week or sometimes everyday if we have singing engagements. We had hectic schedules but we're all enthusiastic with great energy because everyone liked to sing. We sometimes travel to different places even outside the city. Each one of us has skills aside from singing and everyone has it's role to play.

There was a time that we joined the NAMCYA Competition at CCP- Manila and those who came from Manila were so proud with a great feeling of winning. We just stayed on the wall because we came from the province, Bacolod City. Our director Manay Lily Cabahug with our pianist told us to behave and say nothing to them. Although they were putting us down and saying words that are not kind but we maintain our poise and followed the instruction of our heads. In the end, they lose, they were in the 3rd place and we won as 2nd placer. There were 12 contestants from different regions all over the Phil. During the finale we sang together then followed by the presentation of all the winners - this singing group from Manila (a known university) who were in the 3rd place walked out and didn't join us.That was the experience that we never forget.

This friend of mine developed this skill in painting, he loves to do it. Now, I guess, he's earning through his painting skill. But sad to say he's still single, lol! He's there in the Phil. working in a university and joining in a known singing group also. Most of my friends in the club love to sing and every time we have a chance to be together, we gather and sing together. It's fun, we really enjoyed our college years.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday

I took this photo while my hubby was driving. It looks different but I love to post it here in Scenic Sunday. The blue, sky scene is pretty I suppose.

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Today's Flowers

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Scenic Sunday

Scenic Sunday

It's Scenic Sunday once again. How time flies. I love visiting some beaches. Although it's quite hot but the scene is so tempting ... I really wanted to visit often if I have a chance.

Try to visit some Scenic Sunday posts and you will be amazed of the beauty of nature.

Yummy Sunday

This is Yummy, right? My teenager loved this. Yummy Sunday is up again. I'm a bit late but I still want to post this. Filipinos loved this too. When we're in the Phil. we ate a lot of it. Here in Thailand they have a different taste, it's spicy, huh!

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