Saturday, 14 November 2009

A Day to Celebrate

Today, we went to a village and taught English with the children. The village is near the sea and everytime there is heavy rain, this village will be flooded. The people survive by way of fishing. But these people are hard-working, they earn a living in different ways. If they don't catch fish they look for another source just to survive. They were friendly people too. We passed by to eat our lunch and we met and make friends with them. They like AJ because they said, 'uwan mak' which means chubby or fat. They love children. They cooked different kinds of food. A bit spicy but delicious. Hmmm... we really love it. We're so full when we traveled back home. We traveled for 2 hours. When we reach home we're still full. Can you imagine the spicy, delicious and yummy food we ate, we really ate to the max, lol!

The children in the village also enjoyed. After teaching, we sang a birthday song for 2 celebrators. One child celebrated her birthday last week and the other, who is her younger sister celebrated her 1st birthday today. It's a double celebration and we sang the birthday song twice and they enjoyed eating the cake with the cold cola. We also gave some notebooks, pencils, erasers and other things needed for school. They were all happy and excited to learn English.

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