Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My Skillful Friend

A friend of mine has a gift in painting. Can you imagine? The time I look at it, I thought it's real. I never thought that it's a painting skill, but it is. My friend is a Filipino and he loves painting. He even joined in some national contests. I guess, you like it too. My friend and I were studying together in a university and we joined in a singing group. It is known as GLEE CLUB in the campus. We were scholars because of this singing group. We didn't pay anything but we need to practice three times a week or sometimes everyday if we have singing engagements. We had hectic schedules but we're all enthusiastic with great energy because everyone liked to sing. We sometimes travel to different places even outside the city. Each one of us has skills aside from singing and everyone has it's role to play.

There was a time that we joined the NAMCYA Competition at CCP- Manila and those who came from Manila were so proud with a great feeling of winning. We just stayed on the wall because we came from the province, Bacolod City. Our director Manay Lily Cabahug with our pianist told us to behave and say nothing to them. Although they were putting us down and saying words that are not kind but we maintain our poise and followed the instruction of our heads. In the end, they lose, they were in the 3rd place and we won as 2nd placer. There were 12 contestants from different regions all over the Phil. During the finale we sang together then followed by the presentation of all the winners - this singing group from Manila (a known university) who were in the 3rd place walked out and didn't join us.That was the experience that we never forget.

This friend of mine developed this skill in painting, he loves to do it. Now, I guess, he's earning through his painting skill. But sad to say he's still single, lol! He's there in the Phil. working in a university and joining in a known singing group also. Most of my friends in the club love to sing and every time we have a chance to be together, we gather and sing together. It's fun, we really enjoyed our college years.

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  1. He is very talented. Alas...I am already married though...


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