Sunday, 25 October 2009

Yummy Sunday

This is my Yummy Sunday post. Sorry that the other part was already eaten when I took the picture. These are the common desserts in our place - it looks like grapes, strawberry and other kinds of fruits but very tasty and sweet when it touches your tongue. You can't really wait but to try it immediately when it reaches your plate.

For those who saw these for the first time can't really to grab and try one.

Boogie has more of Yummy Sunday. Try to click the link and join the fun.


  1. Candies! what a sweet treat! can't blame you for eating some before you can grab your camera hehe.

    my entry is here

  2. looks yummy nga sis.. sobrang colorful.. he he

  3. It's colorful and looks yummy te. Thanks for joining.


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