Monday, 26 October 2009

Family Fun

As a family we went out together. We ate together, play together. Before sleeping our 6-year old will cry if won't read his Bible, afterward, we read our Bible too and pray together. We also played bowling together, visit some places like the beach, waterfalls, huge and small lakes, parks, hot spring and other known places around the area. We even visited some friends around and our kids will have fun playing with their babies and children alike.

We really had fun - although at times my teenager won't go with us because he was feeling awkward these days due to his changing life. But I have to force him to be with us and explain to him that he won't be going with us all the time in the next few years. And he agreed. That's what families are for. A family should stick together - come what may...

I guess, you have your own story to tell and share with us about your own family.

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Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. It's all precious and with great value.