Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Watery Wednesday

Thailand has many lakes, bigger than we expected. In some places it's very huge and it will take you more than an hour to travel by boat. We had a lot of friends anywhere and these pictures were taken in the western part of Thailand.

There are a lot of photos and places around the world. You can travel by just clicking in the link here.


  1. Thailand is one of my favorite Asian country.

    Come and see some parts of South Korea. Have great day!

  2. Wonderful watery photos, I like the scene on the first photo.

  3. It is pretty dear for today's watery Wednesday.

  4. Rafting down rappids while standing on a raft? Wow. I've gone white water rafting a time or two, but never on logs and never standing. Almost fell in the water a few times anyway.


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