Thursday, 25 February 2010

Masskara Festival 2009 - Bacolod City

Our city, Bacolod, is known for it's yearly Masskara Festival. The highlight is always on the 19th and 2oth of October. However, businessmen and other people who would like to sell would usually start a week before and few days after in order to earn more. Many tourists are coming on this occasion and to gaze this competition.

Bacolod city, is known as the cleanest and greenest highly urbanized city in the Phil. People from different countries, and places would love to visit our city. Though it's quite small but it has beautiful hotels, fascinating nearby resorts and beaches, as well as falls that after seeing the Masskara Festival they would visit these quite places to relax and keep moving the next few days. Modesty aside, I love our city because you don't need to travel far and see the falls, beaches and resorts.

Masskara is the highlight of all. Many tourists are attracted to it and visit the place every year just to see the competition. This group above has been winning for more years already and no group could ever defeat them. They would take time to practice and spend much in their costumes as well. The barangay captain who is the head of the community in the barangay would really give their best in this special occasion. They were undefeated. Try to look at them and see for yourself. They really deserve the 1st prize for many successive years of competition.



Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. It's all precious and with great value.