Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Dancing Porters _ Bacolod City

I'm glad to share something about our porters in Bacolod City, Phil. These are the dancers that would make your day great before entering our city via Negros Navigation, the ship going to different places in the Phil. You will be amazed when they dance and how they perform, they really do it with gusto.

You can travel by ship anywhere in the Phil. since our country is covered by waters. You will enjoy the scenery of the ocean and the flying fish is at your glance especially when you travel during the day, then we reach Bacolod City, you will be entertained by our dancers before they carry your bags, or any luggage you brought with you. This is their source of income as well, they worked hard for their family and be trained to dance for all the passengers. It's nice, right? It's indeed a joyful moment for all the passengers and most of them enjoyed watching them while dancing.

Then, few kilometers away, you will the beauty of SM Shoemart where most of the visitors admired the place. It is near the seashore and most of the tourists like this amazing store. Wanna see our place? Try to check at our website and you will enjoy roaming around the city.


  1. looks like they had fun dancing... :)

  2. I have been having trouble posting comments because you have an ad that appears under "fave blogs" that is winder than its column. It covers up the beginning of the word you need to enter to post comments.

  3. i found a work around for this problem - I had to listen to the sound in order to post, but that looked liked it worked. Anyway, you've been tagged a bunch of times :-)

  4. thanks quit works... was back to the Phil. and I didn't open my blog for a long time.


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