Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Unique Gift

What comes to your mind of a unique gift? I love gifts of any kind. But there is one thing that I liked the most. I remember when I was taking my Bachelor's Degree, a friend of mine who became my hubby now send me a lot of letters. And you know what? He wrote poems that made me giggle. He would send it everyday and that made me close to him. That's the unique gift I received during those times.

How about you? What kind of unique gift you want to give to the one you love? I believe you want something that attracts her or him the most. There is a site dedicated to writing personalized or non personalized poems. They also offer other services like poems for friends, daughters, sisters or someone that you love. Aside from that, they provide poems that speaks about nature, holidays or for any occasions. A very special and unique gift for your special someone. It will be sent within one week after you place you order and at a reasonable price. And shipping is available around the world.

One more thing, they have other services like personalized poem for your blog or website. This is something great I think. They will design a poem and add graphics to match your website. You better check this out. This is really unique.

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  1. such a unique gift jud! You're true ate, nakakakilig basahin loveletters from our hubby...

    Great ate naa na ka opportunity sa SP..How about sa PPP? until now ala pa ko..have u tried na buyblogreviews? Ate sa SP I get 1 opportunity about Mesothelioma (Paid post sya dili CPC)..Have you checked baka qualify ka rin...


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