Saturday, 26 December 2009

Yummy Sunday

Last Dec 23rd was our wedding anniversary. One of our friends send us a message telling us that she is sending some amount the day before. I ask her, really? Then I told her that it's our anniversary the next day. We were glad and we decided to bless our family friends too. We had our lunch here in KFC. We are really blessed with friends who care. We thanked the Lord for all of them.

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  1. KFC Chicken is delicious. Belated Happy Wedding anniversary... God Bless!

  2. so generous naman your friend. you are a lucky couple! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. may you have more years to celebrate.

    see my son's birthday cake here

  3. thanks again for the treat Ate!! until now, I'm still overwhelmed with the yummy ice cream cake..hahaha! But I can't have any more of that for 2010 ky masugud na ako diet..heheh!

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  4. Happy wedding anniversary!! KFC is my favorite too not the grilled one but the deep fry hehe! Happy New Year!

    Christmas party foodie

  5. that's a huge piece of chicken...ehhehe!


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