Saturday, 11 April 2009

Yummy Sunday #2

A Crunchy Cockroaches

This is my Yummy Sunday post. I love Thai food. For now, food is not delicious if it is not spicy.
But this one I haven't tried only my hubby and teenager. I can't bear it. But they said it's crunchy. Wanna try some?

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  1. ha? are you sure? really cockroach? as in cockroach, hehehe kinain nila? hehehe I can't believe..

  2. No way I'm trying that. Last time I had an insect it was chocolate covered ants and made my tongue burn for hours.

  3. First time to see this; where did you get them? are they cultured? I showed it to my hubby and he made a face, I gave him a big smile! this is really interesting YS. Hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday!

  4. and i thought you had it! LOL. well, i wouldn't eat also. unless i'm in a life and death situation.


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